We provide fully integrated and comprehensive cloud-based management software for any institution whether it is a School or College to build an organized structure that stores entire information of students, allowing for ease of use and access. Our CRM solution empowers educational institutions to develop strong and loyal relationships with students, parents, prospects etc.

Our unique management software is ideal for all entities – Faculty, Students, Management, and Parents etc. It connects each department seamlessly, providing better resource for information sharing, easy retrieval of information. It has the power to handle all day-to-day activities easily, accurately and efficiently.

We understand how important centralized education management system is and thus with perfect strategies and analysis, we offer best management software solutions and simplify the life of administrators and faculty. Hence they can focus keenly on educating and shaping the future citizens.

Regardless of your institution size, our simple yet powerful web-based interactive management software helps in managing anything easily avoiding huge amount of manual work. This result in flawless management services, reduced paperwork & time and provide result-oriented solutions.


Eduforce CRM for Schools:  Complete ERP software for secondary and primary schools to streamline their activities in a single source.

Eduforce CRM for Colleges: Exclusively built for higher education enables you to automate admissions, manage records, student details management, faculty management and more.


  • Robust & interactive management solution
  • Efficient, hassle free and high quality automation product
  • Access anytime, 24×7 available
  • Provides relevant and timely information
  • Provides accurate information
  • Best security features with Login & Logout access
  • Keep parents up-to-date about student progress
  • No more paperwork – Streamlined and Automated process
  • Report and Data Analysis
  • Self-service web portal
  • Event Management
  • Email Communication