Know What Value We add to Your Educational Institution

Eduforce is complete educational software, which enables you to manage every aspect of your educational institution. It is a comprehensive platform empowered with content management services, Digital marketing, and Relationship Manager services.

Content Management System:

In the digital environment in which we are living having own website becomes imperative. WWW made the world so small in communicating and vastly expanded the business potential. Your website will be your first interaction with your students and to their parents.

A website that we design and develop will have a crucial medium that compliments your institution goals and presents your vision in a most comprehensive manner. Ensuring easy navigation through the site is our main focus and gives equal importance to design aesthetics.

Features include: Round the clock access | Convenient | Acquisition of new business

Digital Marketing Services:

In today’s digital world every organization needs online presence especially for educational institutions because most of us have a major or minor bond with it in some ways irrespective of our profession.

We are creatively led, strategically driven and offer techno-friendly digital marketing services to bring your organization’s website more online traffic and visibility.

We provide search engine optimization strategies and write creative content as well as an eye-catching graphic design that results in fully managed and highly successful online marketing campaigns.  Our innovation, technology and world-class strategy help you to grow your business today and in future.

Services include: SEO | Web design and development | Email marketing | Social media and content marketing

Relationship Management:

A good relationship management in between the students and faculty is the key to success and progress.

Relationship management provides educational institutions an opportunity to build and maintain relationships with their students. Every student has individual requirements that educators can label through our platform which allows different systems to be built upon and deploy to track the student progress.

Our relationship management system provides an institution to run all the data about the students and the details which assist to efficiently identify and address the student needs for their progress.

With the Service, institutions can:

  • Provide information to parents about student achievements and program notifications
  • Centralize student details to make it readily accessible for different departments
  • Improve cross-channel communications and target their audience more efficiently

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